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Eat, Drink & Support Local

We are honored to collaborate and forge strong partnerships with local businesses, embodying our unwavering commitment to supporting the vibrant community we call home.

Boyer’s Coffee a Beloved Family-Owned Legacy Since 1965 - We take great pride in serving you the finest local offerings, and our partnership with Boyer’s Coffee is a true testament to our commitment. For over half a century, Boyer’s Coffee has been an integral part of Denver's coffee culture, and we are thrilled to pour their renowned Rockies Roast. A medium-dark roast with notes of milk chocolate and dark cacao while boasting a well-balanced body and acidity.

Quarantine Project - We delighted to offer two of their signature sauces, Dieselbones and BullHeaded, in all of our table caddies. Not only do they make for a great addition to any of our brunch dishes, with every bottle we purchase a portion of the sales go to support two local causes; The Bug Theatre and The Family Tree. So go ahead a put a little extra on your eggs. Excited to get some for yourself? Make sure to use the promo code "TheOG" for 15% off your first order!

Baker's Way - all of our breads, buns and bagels come from this locally & woman-owned bakery which has been proudly serving Denver since 1998. Not only is all their product baked fresh daily but also 100% preservative-free.

The Family Jones - Our signature OG Bloody Mary features their Jones House Vodka which is distilled from 100% American grown corn and diluted with Colorado spring water. Their amazing spirits are made thanks to the partnerships they have with local Colorado farmers. Make sure to go and check out their tasting room at 3245 Osage St. Denver, CO 80211!

Indulge in Local Brews - make sure to check out our curated beer list featuring a handpicked selection of local Colorado beers & cider.